Legal & Financial Primary Care for New Parents

Your legal and financial to-do list as a new parent simplified. Get your questions answered, plan for the future, and get back to the good part, being a parent.

The Stress-Free Solution for Legal and Financial Health

Navigating the legal and financial world as a new or expecting parent doesn't need to be hard. Let us help you:

  • Learn what good legal and financial planning looks like.

  • Understand wills and estate plans, why everyone needs one (especially parents), and how to get started on yours.

  • Know your rights while pregnant or breastfeeding in the workplace and the accommodations you are entitled to.

  • Understand parental, family, and medical leave and if you are entitled to paid leave.

  • Learn how to optimize your health insurance, understand your plan, and handle out-of-network expenses.

  • Understand your child care options, how to evaluate child care centers, paying for child care, and the taxes/labor laws that apply.

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